Wellbeing Programme for Schools

PLP deliver to students and teachers the same quality of service we provide to our young elite athletes. All our programmes are age and ability appropriate. The team goes beyond the quick health MOT and provides lifestyle advice tailored to student and teacher needs, to help make positive changes. 

Why is wellbeing important?

The benefits of exercise have been well documented – not just for students’ and teachers physical health, but also their wellbeing and performance. An improved wellbeing will provide your teachers and students with the following benefits:



  • Each session is a catalyst for connection with attendees making new friends and associates

  • Getting involved with other people who share a common interest can be a great way to break down barriers and challenge social differences.


Health + Nutrition

  • Stronger bones

  • Well working organs

  • Balanced weight    

  • More energy    

  • Better sleep     

  • Reduced anxiety and happier moods  

  • Reduced feelings of stress   

  • Increased self-esteem

How can PLP help a school to improve wellbeing?


PLP can help by providing you with a Bespoke programme to improve wellbeing for you, your colleagues, your pupils and your school.  Ranging from 6-12 Weeks for 1 hour per week each group, groups are normally 10-20 attendees. All courses are held at our facilities

Bespoke Packages - to meet the Schools Individual Needs

Support - working around the clock as well as working in line with current systems

Innovative - physical activities are kept fresh and up to date

Excellence - our team are completely dedicated and passionate about what we do

Measurable Results - we don’t just talk change we ensure change happens

Enjoyable - making our programmes fun means both staff and attendees are happy


Our Courses Include

  • Facility

  • Physical Sessions

  • Nutrition for wellbeing

  • Performance Analysis

  • Coordination

  • Balance

  • Flexibility

  • Emotional Regulation

  • Testing & Reporting

  • Cognitive Testing