For Footballers

Our mission is to share our unique approach to training with budding talent; giving those with dedication and desire the greatest opportunity to flourish, maximise their potential and play at the highest level possible. The key for Pro Level Performance (PLP) is to create an environment of excellence for potential footballers.


As each player joins the programme we listen to them, understand them, decipher what they need from what they want, and then deliver a programme to surpass all expectation!


Our 4 step method,  techniques and equipment are exclusive to PLP and they cover the following areas:



  • Technical/Tactical 

  • Nutrition 

  • Physiological 

  • Cognitive training

Exclusive to Pro Level Performance!

Cognitive training

What we do: 

Our evidence-based integrated neurofeedback and cognitive training programs.

  • Exclusive use of University-backed  MYNDPLAY equipment

  • Brain training to stay focussed

  • Mindfullness to facilitate high performance 

This results in:

Improved psychological wellbeing, resilience and cognitive performance.

Exercise physiology

What we do: 

Bespoke physical conditioning and strength support

  • Physiological assessments  

  • Training load management

  • Physical resilience 

  • Evidence based recovery strategies

  • Preactivation  sessions

This results in:

Reduction in injuries and a more robust player


What we do: 

A bespoke football specific nutrition plan

  • Outstanding results based on screening

  • Evidence based nutritional advice

  • Nutritional plans to keep players in optimal shape

  • Proven recovery strategies

  • Parental education

This results in:

Improved wellbeing and physical shape


What we do: 

Bespoke organised measurable practises 

  • Small group and 1-2-1 sessions

  • Development of players holistic game

  • Position specific strategies

  • Match play education 


This results in:

Improved skill set and an increase in instinct

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